Flame Scanner برند Honeywell / ITS مدل LG1093AA24

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  • Manufacturer:  ITS Industrial Turbine Services, Austria
  • Sensor:  UV Flame Scanner
  • Housing:  1.4571stainless steel
  • Window:  Fused Silica
  • Mounting:  3/4internal NPT
  • Working Temperature:  40°C (-40°F) to 177°C (350°F)-
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(Flame Scanner برند Honeywell / ITS مدل LG1093AA24)

( Honeywell / ITS Brand Flame Scanner Model LG1093AA24)



Honeywell/ITS brand Flame Scanner





The Flame Scanner is a key element in all safety systems for industrial heavy-duty gas turbines. It is one of the most expensive consumable parts on which the reliable operation of a gas turbine depends.
Its main area of application is flame detection in combustion procedures including the potentially dangerous “flame off” situation. If unnoticed, a “flame off”- event may lead to great damage or even an explosion caused by the continuous supply of fuel to the gas turbine. The risk is especially heightened
during the start-up or shut-down procedure of the gas turbine.
A dependable monitoring of the flame is therefore vital for a safe working environment.


As our flame scanners have evolved to an inherent part of our spare part portfolio, we continuously invest
in research and development. Our flame scanners has been advanced to provide reliable information about flame intensity in the combustion chamber of gas turbine.
ITS flame scanner has been designed to detect the ultraviolet radiation emitted by a hydrocarbon flame
The result of this measurement is converted to pulse outputs which correlates to the intensity of the ultraviolet radiation. Based on a programmable threshold setting, the control system is able to determine whether there is flame or not.

The advantages of our product are
Higher sensitivity
Larger spectral region
Longer life time
Low maintenance
No mounting modifications required
No changes in the controls required
Short delivery lead time


ITS flame scanners are currently used on land based as well as on offshore industrial heavy duty gas turbines. They have been designed for safe operation of General Electric gas turbine frames 5, 6, 7 and 9.

Mode of Operation
When ultraviolet rays from an open flame hit the cathode leg of the sensor, the gas in the detector is ionized and photoelectrons are generated from the cathode
The electrons and positive ions are accelerated towards the anode and cathode, creating more free electrons in the process. A burst of current flow is created by the avalanche effect. This burst of current will discharge’ the detector by causing a drop in the potential difference across the anode and cathode. As a result, the avalanche effect is stopped, and the voltages at the anode and cathode start to build up again
The cycle as described above will repeat as long as there is a presence of ultraviolet radiation. The frequency of the pulses (the number of generated pulses per second) depends on the intensity of the ultraviolet radiation.

فلیم اسکنر برند honeywell مدل LG1093AA24

اطلاعات بیشتر


ITS Industrial Turbine Services, Austria


UV Flame Scanner


1.4571stainless steel


Fused Silica


3/4internal NPT

Working Temperature

40°C (-40°F) to 177°C (350°F)-

Pressure sealing

Against 21bar (300 psi) at 316°C (600°F) continuously

Cable characteristics

Material: PTFE, cover color: orange
Lead colors: GRN (GND), BLK (+), (-)YEL

Lead length

4.9m (16 Ft ± 1 Ft)

Average Spectral Sensitivity

190-290nm, 250cpm = 10-13W/cm2 λ:200nm

Discharge Starting Voltage (1)

260VDC >

Background (2)

5min-1 >

Response Time


Pulse Output (3)

Pulse 275 sec -1 ± 25 sec -1, continuous flame > 15Hz

Sensor Vibration

Continuous vibration of up to 0.7 in/sec @ 200 Hz and up to
35in/sec @ 500 Hz or equivalent of 2.5 g acceleration.

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